What To Do As A Single Person On Valentine’s Day?

What to do as a single person on Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. It’s not the end of the world. You are not worthless because you are single. Your beauty has nothing to do with being single. You’re also not obligated to care about Valentine’s day. It doesn’t make you a negative person or cupids evil twin. You’re also allowed a few moments of sadness. Maybe you recently had a break up or was hoping that your crush would have asked you out. It doesn’t matter, I’m single also and I’m planning to have an amazing day. 

I am going to give you 5 things to do as a single person for Valentine’s Day. You will thank me later. 

Watch a Movie 

It’s Black History Month! Issa Rae’s new movie ‘The Photograph’ comes out tonight and I don’t want twitter to ruin the movie for me. We haven’t seen a modern Black Romance in a long time so I plan on seeing it. If you don’t want to watch a love story, I get it. However, I hope you go watch it at some point because ratings matter boo! 

Anyways, I’m obsessed with Good Girls (Netflix) and Shrill (Hulu) right now. Both have a leading fat character that isn’t a prop. That’s amazing! So start texting your friends now to get their password to their Netflix account. 

Decorate your space

I’m not sure if you’re going to be in an airbnb, hotel, or your home but decorating your room for Valentine’s Day. Put all of the rose petals you want on the bed. Hey, I think you should have a trail of petals leading from the front door to your room. If you don’t want to clean up pedals, how about going to the dollar tree and getting V-Day balloons, a pink table cloth, and something that says “I love you”. Look, there is nothing wrong with creating the ambiance you wanted to share with someone else for yourself. 

Go visit your local craft store

Make a love jar! Love jars are so necessary. You will need a jar, ribbons, stickers, scissors, cute paper, and your favorite empowerment playlist. Write the things you want to hear when you’re down. Fold the message up and put it in the jar. Place the jar somewhere special. 

Girl, get you some batteries

The Adult-Store is calling you. Pick up! Ummm! There is no shame in spending Valentine’s Day with your vibrator. You will probably be alot better at getting the job done than anyone else. . Just make sure the cat is not in the bed. 

Plan a night with your friends 

Let me just say, if you’re the broke friend, head over to Trader Joes to grab the $3 wine. It gets the job done and I haven’t had any complaints. You can order pizza or go out to a very nice restaurant. I love getting dressed up and going to dinner. Maybe wear  those jeans you’ve been dying to wear. I’m sure your butt looks great in them. A twerk Tic-Toc would also be pretty cool with a friend. If you’re looking for something more subtle, go skating or to a hookah bar. 

I hope this helps. Whatever you do, stay off social media. It’s important that you protect yourself from images that may alter you today. V-Day is only 24 hours and it’s almost over. Have fun tonight! 

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