I Needed a Staycation During Covid-19

laying in bed with my Walmart sleepwear on

I booked a staycation through Airbnb at the Paradise House Orlando and it was so worth it. You might be wondering why I would do a staycation during a pandemic. If you know me, then you know that staying put for a long period of time is very difficult. Sometimes I crave new scenery and experiences. Before COVID-19, I was traveling quite frequently. Every week I was in a different place and when the lockdown happened, I continued to work and run my business. I realized I needed a mental health day. I started working harder and began to sleep less. After a few weeks in the house, I decided that I needed to experience a little fun and take care of myself. 

Staycations are very inexpensive. Compared to my other trips, I spent less money by staying in my area. I cooked my meals which limited my interaction with other people. I brought all of my groceries from home and the airbnb was inexpensive.

When I was searching online for the perfect place to stay during this time, I had a list of requirements that all had to be met before I booked my stay. I needed to be in a private space due to Covid-19 because it was important for me to stay safe during this time. Paradise House was the perfect location because it was only a 30 minute drive. I wanted to be in a location that had a beautiful view and there were several beautiful gardens and a canoe.

I chose an Airbnb with a jacuzzi and a pool because what’s a staycation without a swimsuit photo! 

What Did I Wear to Bed?

Before taking a mental health day, I was working 7 days a week morning to night. Grinding is not the way I plan on surviving this.That’s partially why I needed a break during this time. The other part is I really missed adventures. I knew I needed some sleep while at my staycation so I went shopping at the Family Dollar. I purchased a pink comfy pajama set ($9) with slippers ($2.50)

There is no shame in taking care of yourself during this time. I believe that we all need different things and a staycation was needed.

This airbnb was perfect and met all of my requirements. The owners were very nice and accommodating. I would definitely book this stay again.

Stay safe!!

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